We Make the Repair Process Easy 


Auben can manage the entire project for you, including the insurance and financial process.  We’re experts because we do it for our clients every day. It allows us to keep your job moving quickly, while taking the burden off of you.  

Insurance Process: We advocate for you

We can handle the entire insurance process, from the first call to the final inspection. We offer this service to make the process easier for you and ensure you get a fair settlement. We’ll even examine your home with the insurance adjuster to catch any damage that’s been overlooked. You’ll be kept informed at every step and in control of the money!

Finance: We know the ropes

Let us take the financial process of your hands. Because we know exactly what the mortgage companies need, we can expedite the process and get the job started sooner than if you do it yourself. You’ll still get the checks, but with none of the headaches.

Construction: Expect the Best

Auben makes the construction process as efficient as possible to get the work done quickly and with the least amount of disruption. We will coordinate crews to minimize project down time, schedule all city and state inspections, and clean up at the end of each day. When the job is done, we will do a final walk-through with you to verify the quality of workmanship and timeliness of completion.